Breastfeeding Tutorial: The best way to hand expression breast milk

I started my channel to just upload random videos of my kids but now its becoming more of a breastfeeding channel. I still will upload videos of my kids and family but mostly breastfeeding videos. I hope my videos encourage mothers to continue to breastfeed or to try breastfeeding for the first time after seeing how close me and my sons are because of breastfeeding. My name is Rosemarie and im a stay at home mother of 2 wonderful sons.
My videos are created for education, for spiritual connection between mother and child, and to make a stand and encourage women not to feel ashamed for breastfeeding. Its a natural thing that shouldnt be considered taboo and be judge by others.
These are education breastfeeding videos that show bonding ,nutrition , and development between mother and child. These breastfeeding demonstrations contain partial nudity, if this offends or you are not allowed to watch please do not watch.



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