People are often anxious about signs and symptoms that shouldn’t be worried about at all. Female genital symptom is an area that is rarely discussed mainly due to embarrassment. Today I will show you a few types of normal vaginal discharge.

Normal Vaginal discharge
If any of these happens, don’t you ever worry.

Creaming discharge
This type of discharge is common before ovulation. It’s odourless or with mild scent, while, tacky, and non-stretchable

Watery discharge
This type of discharge is common during fertile period. It’s watery, clear, slippery, and strechable.

“egg-white” discharge
It appears during your peak fertile period during ovulation. It’s egg-white like, odourless, and highly strechable.

At times you may have no discharge at all. These days are known as the “dry days”.
it is common just after menstruation, during infertile period. There is little or no discharge, and it’s odourless.

If you have above-mentioned signs, relax. You will be perfectly fine.

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