ReD Foxes is a dance team created by Elena Rozhkova in 2001 in Kiev (Ukraine). ReD Foxes offer a bright, dynamic, colorful and emotional show featuring a unique compilation of rhythmic gymnastic and modern choreography. ReD Foxes appear in a wide range of sports competitions, concert programs, TV shows and advertisements, commercial presentations and fashion shows all over the world.

The Fox-Dancers
All the team members are professional gymnasts, ballet and sports dancers who went trough a tough selection procedure. All the Foxes are flexible, graceful and charming girls. The average height and weight of a team member is 175 cm and 57 kg.

Our Repertoire
The repertoire of the team includes around 220 dancing compositions involving up to 750 kg of costumes and accessories.

Our Symbol
The Red Fox is a Slavic symbol that stands for grace and wit.

Our Tournaments
NEBL Final Four 2002, Vilnius (Lithuania)
Efes Pilsen Istanbul World Cup 2002, Istanbul (Turkey)
Final Four FIBA Champions Cup South 2003, Sofia (Bulgaria)
Eurobasket 2003, Sodertalje-Stockholm, (Sweden)
All Star Lithuania 2004, Kaunas (Lithuania)
Greek All Star Game 2004 Volos, 2005 Patra (Greece)
Final of European Rugby Championship, Kiev (Ukraine)
XXVIII Olympic Games, Athens (Greece)
Final of Football Cup 2005, Kiev (Ukraine)
Eurobasket Women 2005, Ankara (Turkey)
Eurobasket 2005, Belgrade (Serbia and Montenegro)
Nike — All Star Game 2005, Paris (France)
Baltic All Star Game 2006, Riga (Latvia)
FIBA World Championship 2006, Saitama (Japan)
75-FIBA Anniversary, Geneva (Switzerland)
Eurobasket 2007, Seville-Madrid (Spain)
Eurobasket Women 2007, Chieti (Italy)
Opel Turkey Cup 2008, Ankara (Turkey)
XXIX Olympic Games, Beijing (China)
BEKO All Star Game, Izmir (Turkey)
Eurobasket 2009, Wroclaw-Lodz-Katowice (Poland)Teknosa Basketball Cup 2010, Adana (Turkey)
World Championship 2010, Ankara-Istanbul (Turkey)
Eurobasket 2011, Vilnius-Kaunas (Lithuania)

Our Achievements

2003 — ReD Foxes won the Official Cheerleading Contest of the Euroleague

The competition was held by Euroleague ULEB for the first time. Dance teams from leading basketball clubs of Europe met to compete for the right to become the Official Dance Team of the Final Four Euroleague in Barcelona. Winners were defined by the fans voting via the Internet.

2004 — ReD Foxes won the FIBA competition for participation in XXVIII Olympic Games

For the first time in the history of the Olympic movement, the International Olympic Committee officially instituted participation of the dance team during the basketball tournament.

The strongest teams of the world, both European and American, took part in the contest that lasted for 5 months. During the contest, ReD Foxes closely cooperated with FIBA and NBA-Entertainment to produce custom-designed dancing compositions for each country that participated in the Olympic tournament.

2008 — ReD Foxes won the FIBA competition for participation in XXІХ Olympic Games.

ReD Foxes Dance Team has won a contest between various dance teams from the world and has been selected to perform in Beijing. The dance team has performed country relevant routines addressed the culture of each participation team in order to enrich the spectators’ Olympic experience. For the first time in Olympic history ReD Foxes took part in realization of an integration concept, where the international dance team and the local (Chinese) dance team have learned from each other and even commonly perform certain routines. Spectators had possibility enjoy 20-25 dancers on a court in the same time. ReD Foxes has prepared best dances from our dance catalogue for this project, provided local dance team with all necessary materials, team choreographer worked with Chinese teams for two weeks in China during the “Good Luck Beijing” woman basketball tournament to achieve the best results.
Sport presentation project was carried out in cooperation FIBA, BOCOG and NBA.

2009 – Award from the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine for its contribution and support to the Olympic movement.

2010 – The Winner of the Cheerleader Cup of Ukraine known as “Dancing on the sand”, organized by ABFU (Association of Beach Football of Ukraine) during the Grand Prix of Ukrainian beach football.



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