I have heard of Caliente Resort for years and never thought it would be much more than a cheesy hotel with a bunch of unattractive old people with droopy boobs hanging balls and leathery skin. I was unable to get beyond that assumption based on the things I had seen on TV and the nude beaches I’ve been to in the past.
But when I had the opportunity to do a review and take a tour I couldn’t pass it up!

When I drove through the gates into the community I was blown away by how nice and upscale the property is. The houses were beautiful and everyone I saw walking and jogging were decent looking and some were younger than I am!
My tour guide Deb, is awesome and adorable and you KNOW she gets wild! She gave me a tour during the day then the rest we filmed at night and during the Sunday SOS Pool Party!

You have to come check this place out! It is amazing!



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