Bikini Sugaring Сахарная эпиляция зоны бикини

Сахарная эпиляция зоны бикини. Обучение шугарингу (возможность бесплатного обучения!!!)
Интернет-магазин средств для эпиляции, spa, бикини-дизайна.
Паста для шугаринга Cannaan.

This type of hair removal that runs thick sugar paste.
In the treated area of skin is applied and removed natural caramel with hairs.
Shugaring can be carried out independently.
Sugar hair removal is one of the oldest cosmetic procedures, is considered the birthplace of shugaring Ancient Egypt.
In ancient Persia shugaring it was quite popular, as have the hair on the body was considered indecent.
One of the names procedure – Persian waxing.
In today’s world it has become a very popular hair removal procedure since the mid 80-ies of the last century.
To prepare the paste needs sugar, water and lemon juice.



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