Bikini Wax Guide For More Information

Please be aware that this video contains nudity, it is for adult viewers only as it contains full frontal female video shots in a professional beauty salon.

I have tried to edit out as much as I can, however it is important to show the proper technique and some nudity is unavoidable to explain how to wax and keep the client comfortable during the procedure. YouTube allows nudity in appropriate settings. If you disagree with YouTube’s policy, please contact YouTube directly and do not block my professional videos due to your personal view. The whole series contains shots of female anatomy, including vagina and anus shots, if you do not wish to view any further videos from my beauty series, please feel free not to subscribe. I respect your opinion, please respect my right to provide free information to help provide correct information to newly trained professionals.

Bikini and Brazilian wax guide, professional technique and client management. Follow for more information and new videos.

Audio Content Provided by 10 Dollar Records With Full Permission. Catalog number: 2013002



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